Your Work Culture

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As you begin this course, reflect on the culture as it now exists in your workplace. Is it a productive and valuable one? Our presumption is you want it to be one like Kouzes and Posner describe, a culture that helps make your workplace more profitable while simultaneously creating and upholding an environment you’re happy to be part of.

We’ve designed this course to be a mix of both theory and specific, actionable items. The goal is to help you envision where things can be and suggest steps to take to get there, if you as a leader apply yourself to the task. 

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Here’s the breakdown of what will be expanded upon as this course moves forward: 

  • Hiring: Increase staff recruitment and referrals 
  • Onboarding: Streamline the process of acculturating new employees
  • Training: Enhance staff professional development and career advancement
  • Rewarding: Improve employee satisfaction and client outcomes

Or, to put it in a hopefully memorably way: Seek them, Cement them, School them, and Satisfy them!

Now, let’s get to some specifics.