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When I received my NFA license, I was hired as Operations Manager for a 500-resident, upscale Continuing Care Retirement Community. That role was essentially  right-hand-man to the Executive Director, helping run the place. The slogan I used with all employees was, “My job is to help make you successful at your job!” I said it to everyone and I meant it. You can adopt that slogan, too. Make it a priority to ensure that your staff have the resources necessary to be successful in their roles ― that includes information, equipment, software, tools, and your unwavering support. Anyone can give orders. But leaders are so much more effective when employees see that the leader genuinely cares about their success.

The primary driver of culture in an organization is its leader or leaders. Everyone contributes, of course, but you set the tone and tenor of the job to be done and the attitude about the job. You don’t have to be brilliant or charismatic to shape the thoughts and opinions of others, just faithful to do what’s right. 

If the work isn’t particularly inspiring and the coworkers are worse, you yourself might be tempted to change employers. Before getting to that point, a good first step would be to try implementing some changes, such as the ones suggested here, so that going to work inspires and motivates you, and hopefully your colleagues. Yes, this is true even if you’re not the ultimate decision-maker in your organization. Use whatever influence or power you have to make the difference needed. 

Leadership establishes culture ― and accountability is the bedrock of leadership. Who holds you accountable to creating and maintaining a great culture at work? If the answer is “no one,” then seek out a person or group who will hold your feet to the fire, because no amount of business strategizing will make up for a poor business culture. The stakes are just too high. 

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Look around you: are your employees and coworkers more relaxed than stressed? More cordial than hostile towards one another? Is there more trust than distrust? More open with asking for help than more fearful? More willing to provide honest input than self protective and guarded? More willing to be bold, try new things, and undertake risks? If you can answer ‘yes’ to all these questions, then you’ve done a great job in cultivating a great workplace culture. Congratulations! Keep up the good work! 

If you’re not there yet, implement some of the things discussed in this course and look for positive outcomes. There are many success stories of establishments with great culture, and yours can be one of them. If you’d like additional help, 9 Design Education offers individual coaching. And be sure to check out other CEU courses on our website! Our motto is “CEUs worth taking.” And we’re serious about being here to help. 

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