Onboarding and Retention

Lesson 2: Topic 11 of 14

You’ve done the hard work of sorting through the candidates and the one you’ve picked has accepted the job offer. Now their success becomes your success, so give them the support they need. 

Besides providing fair and competitive wages and benefits, here are some ways to do so:

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  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so see that  they get a good orientation to the facility.

  • Ensure they understand their new role, how it fits into the ‘big picture,’ and what  your expectations are.

  • Instill in them a sense of purpose for what they’ll be doing.

  • Check frequently to be sure they have the resources needed to do their job.

  • Offer appropriate training and opportunities for growth.

  • Have fair, equitable, and achievable bonuses, rewards, recognition, and other forms of showing appreciation for good performance.

  • Give feedback, both affirming and challenging, on how they’re doing.

  • Encourage, encourage, encourage them!

Advertising for, interviewing, and hiring new employees – and the training and onboarding after hire – isn’t cheap. Given how enormously expensive it is to replace employees, you’ll want to strive to keep the best ones you’ve already got. That’s not the same thing as preferential treatment, it’s just prudent management of resources. 

Pause and consider: Is your onboarding of new hires helpful and welcoming? How might you improve the process?