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Lesson 1: Topic 8 of 19

  • Alcohol in America was at one point considered so immoral that it was constitutionally prohibited, and it took another constitutional amendment to undo that prohibition. 
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  • Bioethics was and still is a field fraught with moral dilemmas (a scientific discipline “born in scandal and raised in protectionism,” as ethicist Carl Levine once famously described it). Lives have been saved due to knowledge gained from medical experiments conducted on unwilling or unwitting participants; vaccine manufacturers cannot be held liable for injury caused by the drugs they produce … while debate rages whether or not these are net goods for society.
  • And on and on we could go. 

Given that there are (and will continue to be) tremendous swings in what is considered appropriate, good, and moral versus inappropriate, bad, and immoral, the question becomes: Is there a consistent, unchanging ethical guideline that is universal? 

As it turns out, there is.