Keep an Eye out for Trouble

Lesson 4: Topic 4 of 14

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Most of the time these sorts of “problem people” are going to cause only headaches, but a few will escalate things to the point of attacking colleagues, customers, or vendors. For this reason, staff should be encouraged to report a coworker’s improper behaviors to their supervisors or to Human Resources. There needs to be a formal reporting procedure for this to happen in order to distinguish it from gossip, hearsay, or innuendo. It’s important to have a paper trail available to leadership so that they can deal with potentially dangerous employees before anything serious happens. 

Someone with a mental health or substance abuse condition may or may not continue to be eligible to continue employment. You will need to check your policies and the regulations that govern your specific industry, and you may want to bring this to the attention of senior executives and/or your legal team. The CDC recommends employers make reasonable accommodations in such cases; they suggest offering things like a flex schedule, a modified break schedule, a remote assignment, a support animal, or use of a rest area/private space. The Americans with Disabilities Act does provide some protections to neural-atypical individuals, so you could try to help employees like this.