Impacts for Citizens under Communism

Lesson 3: Topic 14 of 14

This all points to definitive worldview impacts for those who have lived under Communist governments. If the system is changed (usually by being overthrown) or if an individual moves to a different place with non-communist governance, the worldview remains. It takes a great deal of effort and time to shift one’s worldview. And of course that assumes that one is willing to change it. 

Consider these words about the aftermath of the violent breakup of Yugoslavia in Eastern Europe, by author Slavenka Drakulić:

Political power may change hands overnight, economic and social life may soon follow, but people’s personalities, shaped by the communist regimes they lived under, are slower to change. Their characters have so deeply incorporated a particular set of values, a way of thinking and perceiving the world, that exorcising this way of being will take an unforeseeable length of time.

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