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ADA Americans with Disabilities Act

Agape An untranslatable Greek word, frequently rendered as “charity” or “selfless love.”

CCRC       Continuing Care Retirement Community, a.k.a. “LIfe Plan Community”

CMS          Centers for Medicare and Medicaid 

CNA Certified Nurse Aide

DON         Director of Nursing

EEOC        Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 

Ethos The character or fundamental nature of an individual or a society.

Gen-Y The generational cohort born between the early 1980s-late 1990s; more commonly referred to as Millennials. 

Gen-Z The generational cohort starting in the late 1990s; sometimes called Zoomers. They are just now entering the workforce. 

Ghosting Abruptly ending all communication without warning or explanation, to vanish from another person’s life.

Heuristic An approximation or mental shortcut used to quickly sort information or simplify a complex arrangement of ideas.

LNHA/LNFA Licensed Nursing Home Administrator or Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator (the roles are identical; the exact title varies by state)

NIH National Institutes of Health

Sarbanes-Oxley A consumer protection act (law) imposing stiff penalties on corporations which misrepresent their financial status to investors

Stark Act Anti-kickback laws prohibiting physicians from referring CMS patients to health services they or their immediate families own, in full or in part.

Usury Charging higher interest on a debt than the law allows.