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Hopefully all staff are aware of your VPP and are familiar with the steps to take in the event of a crisis. Providing them with training and resources regularly shows staff that the company’s leadership values their safety and wellbeing, and thus may enhance the overall morale. 

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And that’s the only real answer. The best way to mitigate violence is to cultivate a culture at work that is affirming and uplifting, with leaders who model empathy and understanding, where achievements are not hidden and discipline is not harsh. Yes, it’s still work and work is at times hard, but it doesn’t have to be degrading or life-sapping. We spend most of our adult life at work, so it might as well be a place worth being. Create opportunities for coworkers to engage with each other that are relaxing and fun. Strive to have policies that are just and fair. Do this and you’ll have much less exposure to harm. And you’ll enjoy your job a little bit more!

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