East meets West means what? (Continued)

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Of course there are a number of economic, culture shift, and human rights issues that arise when the word “colonization” is used. History provides us with numerous examples of how power dynamics played out. Usually the native populations suffered tragically when a world power came calling. These profound impacts are important to understand, but outside the scope of this course. 

There are two terms from the U.S. Census Bureau that we’ll use: native-born and foreign-born. Native-born are all born within the borders of the United States, or born abroad to U.S. citizens. Foreign-born are those born in other countries to non-citizens. Normally they are residing in the United States when the term is used. “Foreign-born” may be used for discussion of both legal and illegal immigration, but the latter is outside of the scope of this course. 

And finally, there are individual and group exceptions to every cultural attribute discussed in this course. It might help to think of these concepts as ideas a culture holds up as best practices. They as a group want to see their identity supported, and the worldview is the internalized part of that identity. All of these parts fit together; they don’t stand on their own! We’re looking at a big picture of national cultures from far off. Individuals may vary.

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Please note that there are many researchers whose work has informed cultural consulting and training for decades. Much of the writing in this course is out of my head, which has been filled with the genius of many social and cultural scientists and other types of critical thinkers. The concepts and practices included in this course are derived from the work of numerous professionals, including Margaret Mead, Clifford Geertz, Geert Hofstede, James P. Spradley, David McCurdy, Craig Storti, and many, many others. I owe them all a debt of gratitude for their contributions to my lifelong education.