Culture Boost

Lesson 2: Topic 4 of 21

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So we want you to see the interview as an opportunity to boast about the great culture you have (or are aspiring to create), and note how applicants respond. Remember, skills can be acquired but attitude is generally fixed early in life. If applicants seem non-receptive to your culture, as an employee they won’t support it or worse, might try to undermine it. Hiring these sorts of applicants creates headaches long-term. 

When the subject of salary comes up, of course you have a target which may not be acceptable to the candidate you want. Since salary can’t always be negotiated, there are other things that might seal the deal to bring in the talent you want, such as:

  • A signing bonus
  • Additional PTO
  • Equity/stock options
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Money toward continuing education
  • A delayed start date
  • Altering the position title
  • A special transportation/parking arrangement

Finally, beware of relying overmuch on Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software systems. On the plus side, they’re standardized (some even customizable) and well-known. But the drawbacks are enormous. 

ATS are simply computer programs that scan for certain terms ― not content. It may be that AI technology will in time become sophisticated enough to where they can evaluate and interpret the substance of a job application or a resume/CV, but we’re not there yet. As such, applicants who may be well-qualified are rejected because they don’t meet whatever criteria were programmed into the ATS. Your automated system may instead wind up promoting lesser-qualified candidates who’ve learned how to game the software.

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If you want to get an idea of what your prospective talent are dealing with when applying through your system, you (or the hiring manager, someone in your HR department, or the recruiter you’ve engaged) should try applying for the role you’re trying to fill. It’ll give some perspective on the hoops you’re making job seekers jump through. 

You want to hire people with the skills and know-how for the job, who fit with your culture, and who have the potential and passion to succeed, right? Then there’s no substitute for human eyes on this process. Don’t entrust it to a machine.