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Lesson 2: Topic 16 of 21

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Husband and wife team Gifford and Elizabeth Pinchot promote the concept they call “intrepreneurship” (that is, acting like an entrepreneur inside an existing business). They believe passionately that workplaces can become true communities. Pointing out that successful leaders throughout history, across multiple cultures, are those who promote not simply their own welfare but that of their communities as well, the Pinchots compare a shared work environment to a small town with a river running through it. 

When the water is clean, everyone benefits; if it’s polluted, everyone ― young and old, rich and poor alike ― suffers. The essential exhortation here is to move away from having a “turf” or silo mentality in the workplace, replaced by one where people share resources and celebrate one another’s successes. “Creating community is an essential leadership skill,” the Pinchots say, and we hope you concur.