Book Course – Building Creative Life into Elder and Disability Care – 8.0 hours




Please note: this course start date from NAB is 4/21/2024. You may of course read the book before that date, but be sure to take the quiz on or after 4/21/24 for a valid certificate. Purchasing the course before the start date is fine!

The goal of this book course with online quiz is to improve quality of life of individuals in any care facility through creative practices, with engaging, practical applications.

How does the course work? You purchase the course from us, receive the book by mail, read it, and take the quiz online to receive your certificate.

Course Text

Creative Care: A Revolutionary Approach to Dementia and Elder Care, by Anne Basting, PhD

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How can individuals with dementia or other profound issues be effectively engaged? Can activities be more than perfunctory obligations to satisfy the state? Where does a concerned administrator begin to change the culture of a facility? Dr. Anne Basting offers extraordinary insight into drawing out memory and creativity from elders.

From some recent reviews:

Anne Basting knows all about the suffering experienced by people with dementia and their families and friends. However, her ‘creative care’ approach offers a hopeful alternative to the ‘tragedy narrative.’ Using many concrete examples, she shows how various forms of creative engagement produce better care for people with dementia by family members and friends as well as paid caregivers.”

“…I’ve seen the TimeSlips method unlock imagination and breathe energy into our Elders’ lives personally on so many occasions! Be prepared to shift lanes and engage people like never before!”

“So much of what she describes in the book has also been our experience, as well. The content and the way she has told the story will be transformative in the field. In reading the book, I think of all those living with dementia, people similar to my father, whom Dr. Basting has honored so beautifully in her writing.”

While this is indeed a book course for Continuing Education credit, we want to encourage you to truly engage with this book. Read it; underline it; highlight it; take notes; “dog-ear” the pages. Whatever process helps you to best glean information from a text, we’d like to encourage you to use that. Our goal at 9 Design is to provide you with truly useful material, whether in a book or online CEU course. We’ve chosen this particular piece with care, and hope that it gives you some insights and tools to implement in your healthcare setting. 

Enjoy the read!

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Recognize the potential for elevated quality of life for many residents
  • Understand the value of storytelling, imagination exercises, and creative play
  • Articulate possibilities for staff and local community involvement
  • Apply knowledge gained to actual workplace scenarios

Intended Audience

This course is appropriate for all healthcare workers.

NAB approved for 8.0 hours for NFA/NHA, RCAL, HCBS

NAB Domains:

  • 1B1 Psychosocial Needs 
  • 1B8 Care Recipient (and Representative) Satisfaction
  • 1B10 Mental and Behavioral Health
  • 1B12 Pain Management 
  • 1B17 Therapeutic Recreation and Activity Programs
  • 1B18 Community Resources, Programs, and Agencies (e.g., meals on wheels, housing vouchers, Area Agencies on Aging, Veterans Affairs) 
  • 1C8 Volunteer Programs
  • 2C7 Employee Training and Orientation
  • 2C12 Employee Satisfaction, Engagement, and Retention 
  • 3A2 Person-Centered Environment 
  • 4A3 Organizational Behavior 
  • 4B5 Public Relations and External Stakeholders


Note: This course is not yet approved in AZ, CA, KS, or MA. Always verify CEU requirements for your state. Contact us with any questions!

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