Book course – Wrestling with Entitlement: Motivating to Build Character with Wisdom – 6.75 hours


Solid steps for dealing with entitlement from a world-renowned psychologist. Read the book at your own pace, then take the quiz and receive your certificate immediately. There is a book purchase link in the description below. An excellent read!

“I will use the lessons learned in this book in my work life, my church life, my marriage, and my family.” Renee B., Montana


The goal of this book course with online quiz is to recognize and effectively deal with entitlement, with highly practical application. How does it work? You purchase the course from us, receive the book, read, and take the quiz online to receive your certificate.

“…self-reflection through a spiritual lens…I found this to be engaging and refreshing.” Stacey C., New York

Course Text

The Entitlement Cure: Finding Success in Doing Hard Things the Right Way, by Dr. John Townsend

The book The Entitlement Cure will be mailed to the address you provide through course registration.


American culture is highly individualistic, and a variety of factors have created a shift in society. Isolation and extreme self-actualization have increased entitlement significantly. This of course impacts every sphere of life, and the workplace is no exception. 

It may be obvious that there are entitled staff around the office, but everyone actually deals with their own places of entitlement – what the author terms “pocket entitlement.” Do you need tools for recognizing and navigating solutions to entitlement for yourself? (Hint: we all do!)

While this book is written from a Christian perspective, some non-Christians have given it excellent reviews, including comments such as “not preachy,” “something for everyone,” and “everyone would benefit from reading.”

Additional comments from reviews:

“Reading The Entitlement Cure was like sitting in a counseling office with a wise mentor…”

“Learn to recognize entitlement in others and how to effectively interact with them…”

 “A tool chest for changing a culture trapped in an entitlement mentality! This book can make you part of the solution.”

This is indeed a book course for Continuing Education credit, but we want to encourage you to truly engage with this book. Read it; underline it; highlight it; take notes; “dog-ear” the pages. Whatever process helps you to best glean information from a text, we’d like to encourage you to use that. Our goal at 9 Design is to provide you with truly useful material, whether in a book or online CEU course. We’ve chosen this particular piece with care, and hope that it gives you some insights and tools to implement in your healthcare setting. 

Enjoy the read!

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Recognize entitlement, its dangerous consequences, and its causes
  • Understand strategies for dealing with the entitlement of others
  • Acknowledge any personal entitlement and solutions

Intended Audience

This course is appropriate for all healthcare workers.

NAB approved for 6.75 hours for NFA/NHA, RCAL, HCBS

  • 1B1 Psychosocial Needs 
  • 1B10 Mental and Behavioral Health 
  • 2B3 Ethical Conduct and Standards of Practice
  • 2C8 Performance Evaluation
  • 2C11 Employee Grievance, Conflict, and Dispute Resolution 
  • 2C12 Employee Satisfaction, Engagement, and Retention 
  • 3A2 Person-Centered Environment 
  • 4A3 Organizational Behavior 
  • 4A4 Leadership Principles 

Participants will receive the book, read it, then take an online comprehensive quiz for the course certificate. The certificate is available for immediate download or printing.

Note: This course is not yet approved in AZ, CA, KS, or MA. Always verify CEU requirements for your state. Contact us with any questions!

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