40 Hour Mega Bundle – Includes Ethics, Cultural Competency, and 2 Book Courses


A one-stop bundle with a variety of great courses! This set of eight courses includes our four most popular, but all are carefully curated for CEU learning that doesn’t… stink.

Important: Please verify your state’s distance learning limitations. Some states (like CT, IN, MD, NJ, PA, SD, TX, VT, and many others) have previously verified no distance learning limit for healthcare administrators. Please verify yours!


This eight-course bundle includes:

Online Course – Personal Ethics in Modern Healthcare – 6.25 Hours

Online Course – Practical Values for Leaders: Application at Work – 6.25 Hours

Online Course – Curating Company Culture: How to Create It, How to Keep It – 4.0 Hours

Online Course – The Danger Zone: Dealing with Workplace Violence – 4.0 Hours

Online Course – Cultural Competency 101: Understanding Worldview and Why It Matters – 1.25 Hours

Online Course – East Meets West: Understanding Cultural Differences – 6.75 hours

Book course – Wrestling with Entitlement: Motivating to Build Character with Wisdom – 6.75 hours

Book Course – Reckoning with Priorities: Finding Success through Employee Engagement – 5.25 hours

See individual courses for descriptions and NAB approved domains. Actual Course Hours – 40.5

These courses are not yet approved in AZ, CA, KS, or MA. Verify your state requirements.


What is the format of your online courses? Our online courses are completely self-paced.

How does a book course work? You purchase the course bundle from us, receive both books, read the first book, and take the quiz online to receive your certificate. Repeat with the second book.

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