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Wrestling with Entitlement: Motivating to Build Character with Wisdom

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This course is a book course with online quiz.

The course text is The Entitlement Cure: Finding Success in Doing Hard Things the Right Way, by Dr. John Townsend. We will send you a physical book. If you prefer an ebook, please email us at as soon as you purchase this course.

Course Description

The goal of this program is to emphasize the importance of a solid work and relationship ethic in healthcare settings, along with tools useful to assist staff in understanding their personal impact and responsibility for relationships.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Recognize the need for healthy relationships in and outside of the workplace
  • Understand the dynamics of healthy teamwork
  • Articulate steps for improving attitudes toward work
  • Apply knowledge gained to actual workplace scenarios

Intended Audience

This course is appropriate for all mental health and healthcare workers.

Long Term Care Administrators:

NAB approval code #20250412-6.75-A101062-DL to count as 6.75 hours for NFA/NHA, RCAL, HCBS

NAB Domains: 1B1 Psychosocial Needs,  1B10 Mental and Behavioral Health,  2B3 Ethical Conduct and Standards of Practice, 2C11 Employee Grievance, Conflict, and Dispute Resolution,  2C12 Employee Satisfaction, Engagement, and Retention,  2C8 Performance Evaluation, 3A2 Person-Centered Environment,  4A3 Organizational Behavior,  4A4 Leadership Principles 

How to Complete this Course

Read the book first, then return here to start the Final Comprehensive Quiz, linked below. This thirty-one question quiz must be taken in one sitting – it will not save your answers if it is only partially complete. After you successfully pass the quiz, continue to the Survey. (The Survey is listed below as the second quiz.) When the Survey is complete, your certificate will be available.