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About Us

Who We Are

At 9 Design, we are a long-connected, multidisciplinary group of experienced professionals. Our expertise is in medical administration, pastoral ministry, cultural anthropology, nursing, and counseling. Our group is made up of people who know how to relate to one another and others. We collaborate to produce the most useful courses.

The principals

Keith Manning, LNFA, MDiv has invested years in relationship wrangling through ministry, management training, and long-term care. His key values include integrity and loyalty. Keith particularly enjoys teaching skillsets in our Leadership Upgrade Toolkit, Conflict Resolution (Peacemaking), and Workplace Communication. He is an accomplished problem solver. One Medical Director called Keith, “the best I’ve seen in thirty years.”

Kathleen Manning, MA, CBA works as a Cultural Anthropologist and trainer.  Her areas of practice include Intercultural Workplaces, U.S. Cultural Shifts, Dealing with International Clients, Generational Workplace Issues, DISC Personality at Work, and Healthy Company Culture. Kathleen specializes in building rapport between people, using practical solutions.